Citizens in Johnson County School District Vote Against Nickel Tax

Citizens in the Johnson County school district voted against a nickel tax on Tuesday. The tax, known as the “recallable nickel” school board tax, was implemented in September 2014. Since then, the tax was petitioned and voters sent a new message on Tuesday. School officials say recalling the tax plays a negative impact on students and school facilities, as the funding would have been set aside strictly for new construction, major renovation of existing school facilities, and debt service. Additionally, the school district now has to pay back nearly $800,000 in tax money that has been collected since 2014. Tuesday’s vote totaled 1,278 for the tax and 1,551 against.


Emergency Road Aid Funds Announced for Slip Repairs in Magoffin Co

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) has announced that $53,900 in Rural Secondary Road Aid emergency funds will be used for slip or slide repairs on a state highway in Magoffin Co. Repairs will be made to KY 3334 between mile markers 4 and 5. “The Bevin administration is committed to the Cabinet’s mission of providing a safe, reliable transportation network for all Kentuckians,” said KYTC Secretary Greg Thomas. “These emergency funds will help repair and restore damaged infrastructure throughout this community.” The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is responsible for administering the work.


Bear Spotting in Pike County – Caught on Tape

Another bear spotting in Pike County – this time caught on camera. Video camera footage near the South Side Mall in South Williamson shows a bear trying to get into a dumpster between McDonald’s and Giovanni’s. Officials say they’ve seen an increase in the number of bear sightings in Pike County in recent months.

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