UPDATE: Water & Sewer Rate Increase Passes in Paintsville

UPDATE 4/13/17:

In a brief special-called meeting on Thursday, the Paintsville City Council voted to increase water and sewer rates.

The new rate, based on 5,000 gallons of water is an increase of $2.79 and a .80 cent increase for sewer.


Original Story 4/11/17:

Customers of Paintsville Utilities may soon be seeing an increase in their water bills if a new ordinance is passed.

Paintsville City Council approved the first reading of an amended ordinance on Monday, and if the second reading is passed at the next city council meeting, customers will be paying an extra $2.97 per month on their water bill.

Sewer rates could also increase by eighty cents per month.

Both figures are based on the usage of five-thousand gallons of water.

Officials say the increases are necessary to pay for the upkeep of the water and sewer systems.

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    Exactly what we, the consumers, need, to pay out more money for the same service.

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