Several Johnson County Roads to be Blacktopped

Good news for some residents of Johnson County as funding has been made available for several roads to be blacktopped. The Johnson County Road Department has received nearly one-million dollars for road maintenance and blacktopping. Roads to be blacktopped include:

Bee Branch Road
Right Fork Bee Branch Road
Left Fork Boonescamp Road
Horse Picture Branch Road
Meek Branch Road
Collins Branch Road
Old Route 3 Loop C
Mendota Village
Freeman Road
Stafford Cemetery Road
Blair Drive
Lower Twin
Moccassin Branch Road
Dixon Branch Road
Thomas Branch Road
Kentucky Mountain Fox Hunter Club Road
Brier Fork Road
McKenzie Branch Road
Wildcat Drive
Trimble Branch Road
Rice Place Lane

The estimated total cost of blacktopping these roads is $579,530.

Johnson County Judge Executive Tucker Daniel says more roads in the county will be blacktopped and repaired, but no additional lists have been released.

4 thoughts on “Several Johnson County Roads to be Blacktopped

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    How about opening 1428 back up?!

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    Old Wiley branch needs a little facelift

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    I live on the right fork of stafford cemetery road is it going to get paved it’s in very bad shape

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