Sunday Alcohol Sales Passed in Paintsville

UPDATE 6/14/17: In a brief meeting Wednesday morning, the five City Council members present voted in favor of the sale of alcohol on Sundays in the City of Paintsville between the hours of 1PM and 10PM.

The amendment also allows for alcohol to be purchased in the city on New Years Eve until 1AM.

Paintsville Mayor Bill Mike Runyon and council members said the decision was made for economic reasons only and that the sale would bring more tax revenue into the city.


ORIGINAL STORY 6/12/17: An amendment to Paintsville’s alcohol beverage control ordinance was discussed at Monday’s City Council Meeting.

The major change to the provision was to add Sunday sales from 1PM to 10PM on Sundays.

This was a first reading and Paintsville Mayor Bill Mike Runyon stressed this was for economical reasons only.

Supporters of the change say the city should not loose dollars to surrounding counties.

The money made on the sale of alcohol in the city of Paintsville goes toward buying police supplies and wages.

All city council members agreed at Monday’s meeting that the change should be made for economical reasons only.

The change would also allow alcohol to be purchased in the city on New Years Eve until 1AM.

A second reading of the amendment is on the agenda for a special-called meeting to be held on Wednesday morning.

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