Paintsville City Council Approves Needle Exchange Program

The Paintsville City Council discussed the problem with Needles (Syringes) that are just thrown all over the city by “users.”

Julie Bush from the Johnson Co. Health Dept. was on hand Monday evening to introduce the city the idea of a Needle Exchange Program through the Health Dept.

This program would allow the “users” to exchange their “used” needles at the Health Dept. for “new” needles.

Paintsville Mayor Bill Mike Runyon and council members said they are aware this is a highly controversial topic, but it is in no way the endorsement by the city for people to “use” drugs.

Instead this is a precaution taken by the city of Paintsville to keep these needles (syringes) to just be thrown everywhere, as they currently are and to protect the citizens, especially the youth from possibly stepping on these needles that could cause a disease epidemic.

The program would be called the Harm Reduction Campaign. Pike, Floyd and Boyd Counties are some of the area counties that have this type of program.

City Council approved the adoption of this Needle Exchange Program.

2 thoughts on “Paintsville City Council Approves Needle Exchange Program

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    Be better to offer them money. Then maybe they would pick them up from under the bridges and sidewalks. I’m more concerned about my child s safety than the welfare of a druggy

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    What happens when someone overdoses with a needle that is supplied by taxpayer dollars? Will the city council and Bill Mike Runyon be held responsible for their deaths?

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