Temporary traffic signal on KY 40 in Johnson County destroyed

A single vehicle wreck Saturday afternoon left one man slightly injured and the highway department’s temporary traffic signal in the creek, completely destroyed. Traffic Signal Supervisor Keith Coleman said it took nearly three hours to get the signal out of the creek so that it could be hauled back to the state garage. “There is no way it can be repaired,” he said.

The signal was installed on Thursday to direct traffic around a pavement break that encroached more than halfway across one lane. The site is at about mile point 21 on KY 40 near the intersection with KY 2040.

District 12’s Johnson County Superintendent Barry Spriggs said that people will need to be extremely careful in the area. “It’s back to taking turns, like it was before we put the signal in,” Spriggs said, “so everyone needs to be courteous and patient.”

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