Flu Continues to Spread Across Kentucky

It’s that time of year where everything from strep throat to stomach bugs, to coughs and colds are all going around. But this cold season, Doctors in Kentucky have also seen a spike in flu cases. Enough so to raise the state alert to its highest level. Kentucky is now reporting widespread levels of activity. Possibly because of people traveling for the holidays and spreading it amongst family and friends. Health officials across the state say one of their biggest concerns now is with kids returning to school, there might be lots and lots of new cases coming in. Although exact numbers have not been determined, Health Dept. across our coverage area say they have been a few positive cases and they encourage to take the best defense against the Flu and that still remains to be the flu shot. If you still haven’t received one this year, officials say it’s not too late and they encourage you to stop by and visit your counties health dept. as soon as possible.

Symptoms of the Flu include: Fever (not everyone with the flu has a fever), Chills, Cough, Sore Throat, Headache, Muscle Aches and Tiredness. Some children and adults with the Flu might even vomit of have diarrhea. Symptoms start about 2 days after coming in contact with the virus. Health officials remind those people who think they might have the Flu to get checked out immediately and stay away from other people if at all possible, so not to spread the virus. If you would like more information on the Flu or to get your Flu shot, visit you counties Health Dept.

Johnson Co. 789-2590
Martin Co. 298-7752
Magoffin Co. 349-6212

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