City Closes Pedestrian Bridge Due to Safety Concerns

The city of Paintsville announced on Thursday, the closing of the pedestrian bridge or “swinging bridge” that was located next to Dr. Kousa’s Office.

The bridge spanned across Paint Creek connecting Main Street and Rt. 321 (Southside) in Paintsville.

The bridge dates back to the 1960’s and had been named in honor of Bill “Perk” Litteral (known as the Bill “Perk” Litteral Memorial Bridge), who was a former Paintsville business man and city councilman.

According to Paintsville Mayor Bob Porter, he said “after several inspections not only by the city, but the state as well, the closing was for the safety of those citizens who used the bridge. We will look at all options in trying to repair the bridge, but at this point the bridge will remain closed until further notice.”

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