Boil Water Advisory along Noisy Branch

From Paintsville Utilities:


Due to a line break, although no contamination has been confirmed, Paintsville Utilities has voluntarily issued a boil water advisory for our customers on Noisy Branch, from the intersection with Rose Road to the head of Noisy Branch. This advisory is being issued as a precautionary measure and is in effect until further notice.




The boil water advisory from 1636 Little Mud Lick to Stafford Springs including all hollows and side roads in between has been lifted.


The boil water advisory for U.S. 23 South from the intersection with RT 1428 at Hager Hill to the Floyd County Line, including all hollows and side roads in between. This includes our customers in the Floyd County section of Bear Hollow has been lifted!



The boil water advisory that was in effect forĀ all of Fitch Lane in King Addition has been lifted.



Two boil water advisories have been lifted:

1. Williams Branch in the Red Bush area including all side roads and hollows.

2. RT 2040 in the Offutt area from Mollette Lane to the bottom of River Hill including all hollows and side roads.

Paintsville Utilities is advising all customers in the affected areas to boil their water before using it for drinking, making ice, cooking, washing dishes, brushing teeth or food preparation. Bring all water to a rolling boil, let it boil for three minutes, and let it cool before using. Boiling kills bacteria and other organisms in the water.

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