Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes from Local Kindergarten Students

Paintsville Elementary School – Mrs Pugh’s Kindergarten Class

Bill Osborne – Mom would buy a turkey at Wal-Mart and cook it for three minutes. Corn, salad, ham, bread and pumpkin cake would be made by Mom and Dad. We would eat at the house and everybody in my family would come. Everybody in my family would come and eat at my table. We will go to the barn and feed the chickens. I love apple pie and we will eat it.

Peyton Henderson – Daddy gets a turkey with his gun. Turkey goes to Heaven but his body stays there. He chops it up for dinner. I will be at Dad’s house. Megan, Grace and lots of people will come. Nanna and Papaw will fix the food like chicken legs and mashed potatoes with cheese. We go outside and play, then eat more. After that, we get ready for Christmas.

Silas Howard – You hunt for the turkey in the woods and bring it home. Dad would be the one to get the turkey but Mom would cook it. We go camp to eat Thanksgiving dinner. You get a flat small pan to cook the turkey for a few. We will have drinks like grape juice and water. You have to have candy with your turkey. My family will eat with me. Then we go outside and camp on the hill all night.

Terry Dong – Mommy and Daddy get the turkey at the store. Mommy will cook it for 2 very hot. Four people will eat with me and more. Pappa will eat with us.

Alysa Payne – I would to Wal-Mart in Paintsville to get a turkey. I would take it home and put it in the oven for 2 hours or 100 hours. Dad would make the sauces and we would go to Grandpa’s house to eat with the family.

Brycen Kendrick – We get a turkey at Food City and bring it home to cook it for 1 hour. But first, take feathers off. We eat at our house with Mom and family. She makes breakfast for Thanksgiving and Mommy wants to stay home and rest.

Cecilia Latta – You go to the woods to kill the turkey, you might have to use a turkey call. Dad or Mom will put it in the stove to cook it and make it shiny. You put the oven on 420 and cook it for 20. We go to my cousin’s house to eat the dinner. Get salt and put it on the turkey to make it yummy. Sometimes we play games like turkey ball.

Trip Spurlock – You go to Food City and get the turkey. We can’t even find one at Food City. My parents will make the turkey like roast beef. You put it on the stove and boil it for 5 minutes. My family will come eat with us.

Colton LeMaster – I go outside and get the turkey. My dad will cook it in a stove for all day on very hot temperature. We have fires with it and go outside to play. My family all eats at my house.

Shellie Penix – You go and hunt for the turkey. You get one bring it home and cook it on 5 degrees for 50 hours. Mom and Grandma cook for us. They make corn and green beans at our house. We all get to play and the older ones get to clean up.

Sydnee Preston – My grandparents go into the woods and get a turkey for us. They bring it home and my uncle cooks it on warm for 5 hours. We have ketchup and sauce with it. We will have ice cream when we are done. We go and play when we are done. But first we pray before we eat.

Landon Richmond – Nanny gets a turkey and Mommy cooks it. She puts it in the oven on very hot degrees for 15 minutes. We eat lots of pies that day. Mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese with green beans also go well with the turkey. My family comes over to my house and we eat. After we eat, we get to play and have a great day.

Josie Stambaugh – You go to the nest and get a turkey and bring it home. You put it in the oven and my dad does all the cooking for us. My family eats at my house. Dad puts the turkey on for 1 hour on very hot. When it is done we can eat.

Isabella Wallace – Mommy goes to Wal-Mart to get the turkey. Mommy does all the cooking of the turkey. She puts it in a pan and cooks it. My family comes over and eats with us.

Axle Wright – You go to the woods and get a turkey. Mom will cook it. I don’t like turkey so I’ll eat pizza. My family will eat with me.

Raeghann Wright – We go get the turkey in the woods. We put it on a plate and bake it for 40 seconds on 6. We go to the table and eat it with butter on it. Mom makes corn and mashed potatoes. We play outside with the dogs and teach them tricks. We bless the food that we eat and do really special things and have a great day.

Lyllian Adams – You go to Wal-Mart and get a turkey.  I like turkeys. Mommy cooks the turkey. We eat at the house with potatoes and corn. I like corn that Mamaw makes. We watch t.v. and movies. I like dragons.

Phoenix Brown – You go to the forest with a bow and arrow to get the turkey. You kill it, take the bones out and fix it. Mom and Dad cook the turkey in the oven for 55 hours on 5 degrees. We eat at our house and Lilly comes over and family. We eat at the table and have chicken and dumplings. It is not my favorite. We go and play after we eat.

Harper Cantrell – Dad goes in the woods and gets a turkey. Mom roasts the turkey for 10 minutes on very hot degrees. We eat at my house and Bre comes over to eat with us. We will have sweet potatoes and we give our dog a bone. I love the dinner.

Spencer Closson – We eat real turkey that you get at the store. Papaw has this machine that cooks the turkey really hot until it is pinkish reddish. If it’s yellowish, it is rotten. We will go to Grandma’s house and a huge family comes over. It looks fancy and everybody looks fancy. We will have corn, fires, ketchup and then  we eat turkey cake which is my favorite. I will eat carrot cake too. We will go outside and have a fire pit.


Paintsville Elementary School – Mrs Schmitt’s Kindergarten Class

Destiny Fairchild – Mom gets the turkey at Wal-Mart. Then she brings it home. Then she cooks it. She cooks it like it’s supposed to be. Mommy fixes mashed potatoes, salad, corn on the cob, stuffing, and green beans. My daddy doesn’t cook. My brothers, my dad, and my mom eats with me.  After I eat my mom and dad lets me go outside.

Ethan Osborne – Mom gets the turkey at Wal-Mart. She brings it home. She cleans it and puts stuff on it. Then, she cooks it for 5 hours. She fixes some mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, corn, and green beans. Then she fixes punch to drink. Guess what me and Bill do? We sneak in the kitchen and bring some punch before we eat. David, Melissa, J.J., and Alana comes over to eat. After we eat we play.

Gavin McCormick – My dad and papaw gets the turkey. Mommy and Mamaw would fix it. On holidays we eat regular stuff, like pizza and Chinese. We might have some cupcakes. My mamaws and papaws come to my house to eat. After we eat we’ll have dessert. After dessert we watch t.v. After t.v. mamaws and papaws go home.

Colin Carroll – My mommy gets the turkey at Wal-Mart. Then she cooks it in the oven. Mom fixes mashed potatoes. I like them a lot. I think she fixes brussel sprouts, broccoli, and buns. I just go to my grandma’s house. She cooks the food. Grandma has lots of toys and I play with them after I eat. My little brother’s name is Connor so I play with him.

Erica Lyons – My family goes to Wal-Mart and gets the turkey. We take it home. Then we get the gooey stuff out of it. Then we put it in the oven. We leave it in there for 14 minutes. My mom fixes corn, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese. She does fix brownies. My mom, nannie, sisters, dad, and my brother eats with me. After we eat they leave. Then I go upstairs and play.

Abby Johnson – Mommy gets the turkey at Wal-Mart. Then she cooks the turkey in the kitchen. She makes mashed potatoes, corn, and desserts. My mom always fixes cookies. I love my mom so much so I eat with her. My dad, brother, sister, and my grandma eats with us. We play after we eat.

Aubree Litteral – My mom gets the turkey at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is a good place. She buys ham there too. Mom puts the turkey in the oven and she fixes it good. We all love the turkey. She fixes broccoli, rice, peas, and that’s all my mom fixes. Mom fixes ice cream for dessert. My mom invites my cousins to eat with us. Their names and Lauren and Maddie. I play with my cousins before they leave.

Ben Caudill – My mom gets the turkey at the shop in Ashland. She cooks it in the oven. She gets two turkeys. When she gets it out she puts stuff on it. Then she puts flavor on the other one and puts it in. She cooks some broccoli, fries, and some cookies. My father, grandma, mommy, and Nikki eats with me.

Charles Weng – My dad gets the turkey from the outside. My mom puts the turkey in a big pot. Then she puts it inside the oven. Then mom cooks corn and apples. Then she cuts up some watermelon. My mom, dad, Audrey eats with me. After we eat we play games and cars.

Ved Patel – We don’t eat turkey. We are vegetarians. We have different vegetable like broccoli, and we have pastas. We have tomato sauce on pasta and a little bit of cheese. My family eats with me.

Camron Ousley – Mom and Dad get the turkey at Wal-Mart. Then they bake it in the oven. They bake it for 5 seconds. We have stuffing, but not in it. That’s all we have. Nannie, Papaw, Jenelle, Mom, Piper, Seth, Logan, Mark, and Dad eats with me. After we eat, me, Logan, and Piper play outside. Mom and Seth goes with us.

Skilynn Ratliff – Mom gets the turkey at the store. Then she cooks it with the stove. She makes pizza with it. She makes rolls and some green beans. My cousins come over to my house to eat. After I eat I play with my cousins.

Skylar Hensley – My mom get the turkey at the Dollar Store. She came back home and baked it. She baked it 25 hours. She fixed some toast, some cut potatoes, peas, and corn. She fixed cookies and cake for dessert. Leelee Hensley, my mom, brother, and Olivia ate with me. After I ate I had a cake and cookies. Then I played with my toys and video games.

Rhett Vaughn – Brian gets the turkey at Target. Then we bring it home. Then we get everything ready to have a turkey party, a Thanksgiving one. My mom fixes the turkey. Mom puts the turkey in the oven. Mom fixes broccoli, French fries, corn, and plain bread. My Meme, my friend Logan, Brayden, Mom, and Aunt Peg eat with me. After we eat, Logan, Brayden, and me play Legos and iPad. We played stuffed toys too. We run around the house and play and play outside too. Then, all the friends leave and I said good-bye.

Reagan Schmitt – Mamaw goes to Wal-Mart and get the turkey. She cuts it up and cooks it. She cooks it in the oven for 55 minutes. Mamaw makes some corn, ham, mashed potatoes, and some pie. My dad, Grant, Conner, Mom, Mamaw and Papaw eat with me. We eat at Mamaw’s house. After I eat I play outside.

Lily Triplett – My mom and dad get the turkey at Wal-Mart. Then mom bakes the turkey in the oven. She fixes corn, broccoli, and rolls. We have ice cream after we eat. My friend Olivia Luke and my pappy eat with me. After we eat, we play outside.

Madden Burchett – My dad gets the turkey at Food City. Then my dad cooks it in the oven. Dad leaves it in the oven 43 minutes. Then he gets it out and cuts it. Mom makes corn pudding, cranberry sauce, green peas, ham. My gremmie, Popa, Meme, and Papaw come and eat with us.

Jackson Conley – Mom gets the turkey at the store. She buys vegetables and milk too. Then she comes home. She cooks the turkey and all of us are going to eat it. She fixes the vegetables too. After we eat, we go to sleep.

Kellsey Price – Mamaw and Papaw get the turkey at the Kentucky farm. Then they bring it home. They cook it in the oven for 30 minutes. Mamaw fixes fried potatoes, ham, beans, corn, and carrots. She fixes vanilla cake for dessert. My aunt, uncle, daddy, mommy, mamaw, and papaw eat with me. After I eat, I play outside.

Grace Frisbee – My mommy gets the turkey at Wal-Mart. Then she cooks it in the oven. It stays in the oven a minute or two. Sometimes she fixes salad, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and rolls. Mom fixes pies for dessert. My Aunt Trisha’s family comes over to eat with us. After we eat, we play games.

Harper Hensley – My Meme fixes the turkey. I go to her house to eat. She fixes steak too. She has broccoli, rolls, carrots, and mashed potatoes. My mom makes a cake and takes it with us. After we eat, we go home.


Our Lady of the Mountains K/1

Kemper Mollette – Shawn will kill a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. I have a knife but I’m not allowed to use it. Shawn’s gonna cut the feathers off and I’m gonna stick it in the oven. I’ll cook it for 5 minutes on hot. When it’s done it’s gonna look like a turkey with 2 chicken legs and no eyes. I will have macaroni, chicken nuggets cause I like chicken nuggets, and some pancakes. I’ll drink pop, I hope, Diet Pepsi. My whole family will be there. After we eat, we will watch a movie.

Althea Burchett – I would go get my turkey on a farm. I would kill it with a knife.  I’d take the feathers off and put the turkey in the oven. I would put some salsa on it and it would taste good. I would cook it very long on warm. When it’s done it will be black and burnt. I will eat macaroni, ham, cheese, sode and tea, and pie. I like pumpkin pie! All my friends will come and we will play outside.

Kennedy Roberts – I would get my Thanksgiving turkey at Food City. I’d kill it, put it in the oven, and put salt and seasoning on it. Bake it 80 minutes on 8. When it’s brown it will be done. We will have mashed potatoes, pizza, olives, and cake. And hot, white bread with some butter on it and sugar on it, and ice cream on it. And we’ll have cake with ice cream on it. Yummy food! To drink, we’ll have Pepsi, me and my Mommy. My Grandma, my sister, my mommy and Rick and his sister Pam will be there. Or, we may go out to eat.

Ian Martin – I’m gonna get my turkey at Walmart. I’m going to put a little olive oil on it and some spices. I’m gonna cook it in the oven because it makes it browner and crunchier when you put olive oil on it. I’m gonna bake it for one hour and 8 minutes on 2 degrees because I don’t want it to burn while it’s cooking. When it’s done it will look light black and crunchy. I like French fries, and that’s pretty much all I like with my turkey. We will drink root beer. For dessert I’m going to have a giant strawberry cake. There will be all my cousins, someone named BB who doesn’t like Spongebob, my grandparents, my sister and parents. My sister doesn’t eat a whole lot, we keep up a steady pace.

Miles Brown – I can buy a turkey at my Walmart for $4.00. I fix it for 8 min in the oven. I’d bake it and it’s and I’d love to! I would eat it with pizza, no olives, please, and breadsticks. I’d drink chocolate milk. Tim, Tesia, Aaron, Landon, and me will eat at my Thanksgiving. We have suckers for dessert, that comes second.


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