Paul B Hall Hosts Teddy Bear Clinic for Children

Students from Highland Church of Christ’s Little Light Academy were recently doctors for a day at Paul B. Hall Regional Medical Center’s first-ever Teddy Bear Clinic.

The students looked the part in masks and gloves, as their furry friends were examined, underwent various tests such as lab work and x-rays, received respiratory and medication treatments, physical therapy and some even received a splint. Children were given a Teddy Bear Health Certificate, which included orders to keep their furry friends healthy.

“The goal of this event is to help alleviate children’s stress when admitted to or visiting the hospital,” said Deborah Trimble, CEO of Paul B. Hall Regional Medical Center. “We want children to feel comfortable in the hospital setting and with the procedures that might occur during a typical visit to the hospital—we want them to ‘see us before they need us.’” With the overwhelming positive response from both the students and hospital staff, Trimble anticipates the Teddy Bear Clinic will become an annual event. If you would like to schedule a Teddy Bear Clinic for your group, please contact Ashley Webb at 606-789-3511 ext. 1229.

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