Johnson County Animal Shelter Receives Assistance Grant

The Kentucky Cattlemen’s Foundation awarded Whiskers or Wags, Inc. with a $1500 grant from the Animal Shelter Assistance program last week.

The Animal Shelter Assistance program is in its seventh year and was funded by the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Foundation.  Foundation Chairman, Harvey Mitchell recognizes the important role animal shelters serve in our communities and encourages everyone to get involved at the local level. Donations to national organizations do no go back and directly benefit these animals.  “Find out who your local shelter is and how you can help” stated Mitchell, “All cattlemen understand the need to take care of our animals and it is nice to support others who are doing the same thing.”

Whiskers or Wags, Inc. plans on using this grant towards the costs of two kennels and a concrete pad to provide a safe area for incoming dogs.

“We want our animals to be safe and comfortable while they are here,” stated Lisa Trusty-Roberts, President of the Whiskers or Wags, Inc.  “This grant will make sure that we have a larger area for them to stay that is safe, secure, and sanitary.”

If you would like to make a donation to Whiskers or Wags, Inc. please call (606) 297-7387 or visit for more information.  They are always in need of Purina kitten chow, Alpo dog food, cleaning supplies, beds, and clay litter.

The Animal Shelter Assistance program received 18 applications from across the state and plans to continue the program in the future.

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